International Business Environment Question Paper - 2008

III Semester Examination, Nov/Dec 2008
(Semester Scheme)
Paper 3.5 - International Business Environment

Time: 3 Hours                                                                 Max. Marks : 90

Instruction: Answers either in  Kannada or English. 

Answer any 10 sub-questions. Each sub-question carries 2 marks.           (10x2=20)

1. a) What is a Domestic Company?
    b) What is GATT?
    c) Who is Authorised money changer?
    d) What is Call option?
    e) Define Foreign Exchange?
    f) What is Equilibrium rate of exchange?
    g) Define Special drawing rights.
    h) What is packing?
    i) What is Global Product?
    j) Give the meaning of Free Trade Area.
    k) State any two objectives of SAARC.
    l) What is SWOT analysis?

Answer any 5 of the following questions. Each question carries 5 marks.   (5x5=25)

2. Briefly explain the strategies for International Business.
3. Explain in brief the risks involved in Political Environment.
4. What are the important functions of Forex Market ?
5. Briefly explain the meaning and the various Exchange Control Measures.
6. Give a note on the role of IMF in India.
7. Why do the Companies adopt the product in the International Market?
8. Mention the various kinds of Training? Explain them in brief.
9. Explain the features of Capital Expenditure.


Answer any 3 of the following questions. Each question carries 15 marks.     (3x15=45)

10. Define MNC's. Explain the various benefits and drawbacks of MNC's.
11. What is world bank? Explain the various functions.
12. Define International Marketing. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of International Marketing.
13. What is Human Resource Management? Explain the various stages involved in  International adjustment.
14. What is WTO? Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of WTO.


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