B.Com VI Sem - Services Management Question Paper 2007

VI Semester B.Com Examination, May/June 2007 
Time : 3 Hrs                                                                                                           Max. Marks: 90 

1. Answer any 10 sub-questions. Each sub-question carries 2 marks (10x2=20)

a) What is “cyberspace”?
b) What is an event management?
c) State the phases of Guest Cycle.
d) What is a Motel?
e) Name any four professional services.
f) What do you mean by floating interest in housing finance?
g) From where does “HUDCO” mobilise its resources?
h) Define Targeting customer.
i) Define Foreign Tourist.
j) Give the meaning of Fund of Funds.
k) Expand RBS’s.
l) Give the meaning of Service Management.

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