III Sem B.com - International Business Environment - Question Paper 2012

III Semester B.com. Examination, Oct / Nov 2012
(Fresh) (Semester Scheme) (2012-13 and onwards)
3.5 : International Business Environment

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                          Max. Marks : 100

Instruction : Answer either in English or Kannada.


Answer any eight of the following questions. Each correct answer carries two marks. (8x2=16)

1. a) What is international business ?
b) What is contract manufacturing ?
c) What is capitalism ?
d) What is Technology Transfer ?
e) What are Multinational corporations ?
f) Expand IRD and UNCTAD.
g) Give the meaning of Free Trade Area.
h) Name the councils of W.T.O.
i) What is Foreign Direct Investment ?
j) What is Nationalisation ?


Answer any three of the following questions. Each correct answer carries eight marks. (3x8=24)

2. Briefly explain the characteristics features of International Business.
3. Briefly explain the various risk involved in Political Environment.
4. Briefly explain the economic implications of technology.
5.  Mention any four advantages and any four limitations of International Marketing.
6. Briefly explain the Global Recruitment and Selection Process.


Answer any four of the following questions. Each correct answer carries eight marks. (3x8=24)

7. What is Economic Environment ? Explain the Macro Economic factors affecting international business.
8. What are multinational companies ? Why do companies enter into global market ?
9. What is Forex Market ? Who are the dealers in Forex Market ? Briefly explain the functions of Forex market.
10. What is a Regional Trading Block ? Name the different kinds if economic integrations and explain the advantages of Regional Trading Blocks.
11. Discuss the implications of W.T.O. for developing countries with special reference to India.


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