I Sem B.com - Financial Accounting I - Question Paper 2012

III Semester B.com. Examination, Oct / Nov 2012
(Semester Scheme) (2011-12 and onwards)
Financial Accounting - I

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                    Max. Marks : 100

Instruction : Answers should be fully either in Kannada or in English


Answer any 8 questions from the following. Each sub question carries 2 marks.  (8x2=16)

1. a) State any two features of hire purchase system.
b) Why is minimum rent clause included in the royalty agreement ?
c) State in which ration should the debentures received in purchase price distributed among the partners.
d) How do you treat an asset of a firm not taken over by the new firm ?
e) What do you mean by down payment ?
f) What do you mean by Dead rent ?
g) Can a seller seize the assets under installment system ? why ?
h) Why Revaluation account opened in the books of the amalgamation firms ?
i) State any two objectives of a sale of a firm to a company.
j) Mention any two rights of hire vendor.


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