I Sem B.Com, BBM, BHM - Language English - Question Paper 2012

I Semester B.Com. / B.B.M. / B.H.M. Examination, 
October/November 2012
Freshers (2011-12) & onwards, Repeaters (2010-11) scheme


Time : 3 Hours                                                                   Max. Marks : 100/90

Instructions :
1 ) Answer all the questions.

2) Students of Freshers' Scheme (2Oll-12 onwards) answering for100 marks should answer2 out of 4 questions in Part - A, III Main question.

3) Students of Hepeaters'scheme (20'10-11 answering for 90 marks) shoutd answer 1 out of 4 questions in part - A, III main question.

PART _ A (Course Book-Literary Component) Marks:60/50

l. Answer any seven of the following in one or two sentences each : (7x2=14)

1. How is the Environment Day observed as mentioned in 'She Spoke for all Nature'?

2) What have the environmental movements in the North been related to ?

3) What does the phrase 'Moral Poverty' mean in 'Tiger Tiger Revisited' ?

4) ln the 'Ballad of the Landlord' how is the tenant evicted ?

5) Why does Carmen say Francoise was as much her daughter as Madam's ?

6) Who is Munshi Khairat Ali Khan ?
7) What are Jerome's memories of his father ?

8)ln the past,societies Were based on-.Then efast-movings fridy of the present is based.

9) Who is Rachel Carson compared with and why ?

II. Answer any four of the following in about one page each : (4x5=20)

1) How did reading contribute to the Young Rachel Carson's success ?

2) ln the essay 'Two Kinds of Environmentalism' which movement appeals to you more ? Give reasons for your preference.

3) Justify the title 'Ballad of the Landlord'.

4) Give a brief account of Carmen's background.

5) Explain why Alarakkhi is heart-broken on pay day.

6) How did Jerome's aunt describe her brother's death to strangers ?

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