B.Sc I sem - Biochemistry - I Question Paper 2008

I sem B.Sc. Examination, Nov/Dec 2008
(Semester Scheme)
Time : 3 Hours                                                                            Max. Marks : 60

Instruction : Answer any six questions from Part - A and any eight questions from Part - B.

Answer any six of the following :                                                                            (2x6=12)

1. Define Electron affinity.
2. What factors do the following prefixes indicate ?
     a) micro b)nano c)picod d)milli
3. What are reversible cells ?
4. What are polar and non-polar molecules ?
5. Define surface tension.
6. Give an example for natural and artificial semi-permeable membrane.
7. Write all the possible values of l and m when n=3.
8. Define half life period of a radioactive element.
9. Define: Number average molecular weight of a polymer.
10. Calculate the oxidation number of Mn in KMnO4.


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