Programming In 'C' Question Paper - 2012

VI Semester Examination, April/May 2012
(Semester Scheme)
COMMERCE (Elective Paper - 3 (f))
Programming In 'C'

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                  Max. Marks : 90

Instruction:  1) Answers Should be written completely only in English. 
                        2) Answer all the Sections.


Answer any 10 sub-questions. Each sub-question carries 2 marks.                            (10x2=20)

1. a) What is a program ?
    b) What is data?
    c) What is a variable ?
    d) Define structure ?
    e) List any two features of C language.
    f) What is a string ?
    g) What is debugging ?
    h) What is the Use of the function getch () in C ?
    i) Draw any four symbols used in flow chart.
    j) What is the use of header file in C language ?
    k) What is function ?
    l) Differentiate between break and continue statements in C.

Answer any 5 of the following questions. Each question carries 5 marks.                              (5x5=25)

2. What is a program development cycle ?
3. Write a C program to find if a given number is prime or not.
4. Discuss the basic data types in C.
5. Write a brief note on memory management.
6. Explain briefly various string operations which can be performend using built-in functions in C.
7. Write a  C program to find the transpose of a matrix.
8. How comments in C program are given ? Explain with an example. What is the purpose of comments ?
9. Write a program  to print the first 10 terms of Fibonacci series.


Answer any 3 of the following questions. Each question carries 15 marks.                              (3x15=45)

10. How does do-while statement differ from while statement ? Summarize the synactic rules that need to be followed while using the two loops.
11.  a) Explain formal and actual arguments with an example.
       b) Write a program to find  factorial of a given number.
12. Explain following functions.
       a) Strcat () 
       b)  Strlen ()
       c) toupper ()
       d) tolower ()
       e) strrev ()
13. a) Explain the working of nested for loops with an example.
       b) Write a program to find the largest and smallest number in an array. 
14. With an example, examine the hierarchy, relational and logical operators in C.


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